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The Best Running Armbands That Will Make You Forget You’re Wearing One

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One of the most domocratic things about RUNNING is that you don't need a bag full of expensive gear to do it ,No balls that require proper inflation ,no bulky padding ,no dorky gelmet that will earn your a ticket if you forget it .Throw on a pair of decent running sneakers and sone non-denim pants ,and you're basically good to go .

I ,however ,can't stand to go running with out my phone (I envy the runners who can get up and mgo without any additional equipmet) .There are two reasons I can't part with it. One ,beacause I desperately need Carly Rae Jepsen to distract me from panting and cramping and all the joys that come with running ,and two , beacuase, you know,safety. Plus,becuase it's 2019 and phone companys keep convincing us ,we need to carry increasingly larger small laptops in our back pockets,my iPhone 8 plus is the size and weight of a tin lead brick, and I absolutely refuse to spend actual money in an Apple watch, even though,admittedly, this is  perhaps the one instance where it might be useful. SO for now, I'm an armband loyalist.

What makes for a good running armband ?It's easy to make on and off, it's sweat-resistant,and it's recure enough to both protect your too-expensive phone and prevent it from bouncing constantly during your run.

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