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Armbands – What should I watch during its purchase

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Make a good fit on your arm!

You do not want an armband that, as long as you run, becomes loose and falls to your elbow! It is the most annoying thing.

Try the armband you want to buy without anything on your arm. See and make sure it fits well and stays firm in position while you produce various vibrations and moves during training.

Prior to visiting any shop or placing an order online, take the measurement of your arm’s perimeter using a measuring tape, securing that no smaller or larger armband is purchased.

Be compatible with your cell phone!

It sounds obvious, but it is not! With so many cell phones – models and sizes – you can easily end up with an armband unsuitable for your own device (speaking following my personal experience!).

Buying the right armband secures your mobile fits perfectly into the special case and no chance of falling and breaking is possible.

Again before any purchase, make sure you have the mobile model you have and its dimensions!

Be reliable

This means, as there are a lot of armbands at extremely low cost and in a wide variety in the market, do not rush to get the cheapest one!

Before making your purchase, check the product well, making sure it is durable and has an ergonomic design that will make it easier for you to work or train with no undesirable distractions!

The most important parameter is not the appearance and design of an armband (it's color or “smart”), but its functionality and resistance to any pressure, vibrations, or moves produced during any session of work or training!

Waterproofing is a very important element to look out for (whether used to exercise in the gym or outdoors).

Touchscreen available

A very important feature is if you could have access to the screen without taking the phone out of the case.

It’s not at all convenient to have to take it out of the case (during training) to change the song, check your progress, see the time or who is calling!

A screen through which you could check everything immediately will protect you from unnecessary distractions affecting your concentration during workout and exercise. This will give you greater focus, so more efficient workouts and certainly … faster results.

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